Common myths about video games

Do you have an eagerness to play video games even when someone tells you that it is harmful to you? Do you wonder what are the positive things about video games because you enjoy playing them and heard only about their negatives? Well then, you have got that covered. Today, let’s look at the side which is not so much talked about video games — its advantages if it is played in reasonable doses.

We all are familiar with the saying that playing video games makes your eyesight worse.

Well, people that don’t play a lot of action games, that don’t actually spend a lot of time in front of screens, have normal, or what we call corrective-to-normal vision. That’s okay. According to the saying, the issue is what happens with the guys that actually indulge in playing video games like five hours per week, 10 hours per week, 15 hours per week. By that statement, their vision should be really bad, right? Actually, their vision is really good. It’s better than those that don’t play. What? You might be thinking “How on earth is that possible”?

It’s better in two different ways. The first way is that they’re actually able to resolve very small letters, and that means being able to read the fine print on a prescription with just your eyesight rather than using a magnifier glass. The other way that they are better is actually being able to resolve different levels of gray color.

Imagine you’re driving in a fog and some other vehicles are also there on the road. Then the person who has played action games can see the other vehicles on the road more clearly in the fog and hence he reduces the chance of an accident because, in action video games, we get to see different shades of gray color, so we can spot it with less difficulty if we have played those games to a good level.

Clearly, when it comes to action video games, screen time doesn’t make your eyesight worse, they make it better than it was.

Another saying that you may have heard is that video games lead to attention problems and greater distractibility.

Actually, people who play action video games have many other advantages in terms of attention, and one aspect of attention that is also improved for the better is their ability to track objects around the world. When you’re driving, you’re tracking, keeping track of the cars around you. You’re also keeping track of the pedestrian, the running dog, and that’s how you can actually be safe driving, right?

Let’s understand it through an example. Imagine yourself looking at a screen that has 20 yellow and only 4 blue smiley faces moving around fastly in all directions and after 5 seconds, those 4 blue smilies are turned into yellow and they are still moving along with the yellow ones. Then, you are asked to tell whether a certain smiley face was blue initially or not. Then a normal person who does not play action video games can tell whether that was blue or not. But if now there are 8 blue smiley faces instead of four and the same thing is done as above, then that person will not be able to answer correctly whether it was blue or not. Then who can tell the answer correctly? Yes, you guessed that right, a person who plays action video games to a good level. So, playing video games does not reduce your attention levels as well.

They help us to develop strategic planning skills. In games like Call of Duty and PUBG, you need to form strategies to kill your opponents and win games. The rise of multi-player experiences online has given way to a new form of socializing in which players work together to solve problems. Certain genres of games reward and encourage leadership traits in people.

They also help to improve our multitasking skills. You can click the below link for the same:

Why do we love video games? Because in a fun way, it makes us resilient i.e. recover quickly from difficult situations. You cannot be knocked off and just stop there. You will continue playing the game and find a way out to achieve victory. We love video games because it makes us forget about our problems for a little while and refreshes our mind before doing a certain task that we are finding hard to complete. As we reach a higher level in it, the next level becomes more challenging than the previous ones and so we apply our mind more to go to the next level.

But let’s not get away with the fact that they are harmful as well when we play them for a large amount of time and binge them regularly in a week. They are dangerous when the stage comes that we can’t spend our day without them and are fully dependent on them for our pleasure needs.

So, that was all from my side. I hope you found it interesting and got to know some new and positive facts about video games. Thank you for your patient reading!!



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