Metaverse — The ‘Potential’ Future of Internet

You might have heard the word Metaverse a lot in the past few months, thanks to Facebook (now ‘Meta’) and you’d be wanting to know more about it since it has been one of the trending topics on socials. You might be wondering “What exactly is the metaverse?", “What life will be like once I enter the metaverse?", “Will it become the future of the internet as many people are saying it to be so?" and on and on. We will discuss exactly these things in this blog.

Metaverse is formed by combining two words — Meta which means beyond and verse which comes from the word universe. So basically, it is the technology that is beyond the universe we live in i.e. it is a parallel virtual world where humans interact with each other as they do in real life by creating their digital avatars. It is the internet which you are not just looking at on a screen, but you are actually inside of it. Wow, that sounds crazy! To access the metaverse, you need physical devices like Virtual Reality(VR) headsets or Augmented Reality (AR) glasses.

A photo of a person using AR glasses
A person using a VR headset

Just as the Internet delivers services today, the metaverse may deliver services tomorrow — in 3D.

So, having read the above statement, you might be wondering that if it does the same thing as the internet, then why it is being seen as the technology of the future? What makes it different from the internet that we daily use on our digital gadgets and why would we need it? Well, in the metaverse, you will get to do your daily activities with your friends and colleagues in a way that is different from the internet.

Imagine playing a game with your friend as you do in mobile games and then coming back in the same avatar you used in that game to roam around with him/her wherever you want in a virtual world. Doesn’t that sound exciting? It will also make work more exciting to do in this pandemic world we are living in as it will allow a more engaging interaction among colleagues due to the immersive virtual environment it offers to us.

Now, the question is what it will feel like to live in the metaverse? Well, in fact, we are actually living in the metaverse-alike world!! Yes, you read that right. Metaverse is no different from the internet age we are living in currently, it is like the latest interface for us to experience a place in time where we will control our lives. What?

In the middle of the ‘90s, when the internet started to become popular, people began to spend more and more time on it searching for things, watching videos, and having fun with one another playing games, etc. Internet became one of the components of their lives. Although it was not through VR and was through bulky computer screens. With time, the internet became faster and devices got smaller. And now, this interface has become more portable through VR and AR. So, like the internet, this interface(i.e. metaverse) will also become a main part of people’s lives except that it will be in 3-D and will require a headset or glasses to operate.

Further, let’s talk about the pros of this exciting technology. With metaverse, you can do all the things that make you happy in one single day with the luxury of staying safe at your home. Today, if we have to search for something, we just google it and the dictionaries have become less common due to it. In the same way, metaverse can replace a Google search in the future because you will be able to learn about things by just touching them or even looking at them and gain information in a more visual way. It has also been proved to reduce anxiety levels in species. You can check the below link to verify the same:

It can also become a new economy. Meta is developing a store within it called horizon marketplace which is not just selling stuff to people but a platform where anyone can sell anything. You could create virtual clothing, you could craft a new virtual experience, and charge people to try it.

However, it also has some cons that need to be talked about. Like one is your data. In the past, Facebook has not got a good relationship with how it handles its user’s data and in the metaverse, we will literally be sharing everything about ourselves with other users in order to get the most out of this interface. So, we will have to put a lot of trust into a company that has not earned it related to data. Imagine a situation where you are in a room with your friends and one of your friend’s accounts got hacked, then you will not even know when you encountered the same thing.

Above these, the most challenging problem is that social interactions between people may decrease to a certain level. People may get engaged in the metaverse so much that they may forget the aspects of real-life because in the metaverse, everything will be good and there will be no sadness. It may become escapism for people who are worried about their lives and want to excel somewhere and somehow. One person engaged in the metaverse will lead to another due to FOMO and it may spread very quickly.


It seems to be a very exciting technology and can become the future of the internet given that it will bring people closer together from the comfort of their homes, but in my opinion, it should only be used for a limited amount of time, otherwise, people will only start to live their lives in the metaverse and may not want to come back to the real world.

Thank you for your patient reading! Hope you liked the blog and learned something new.



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